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Beginner’s guide to spaced repetition program

Beginner’s guide to spaced repetition program

Space repetition which is also known as spaced rehearsal, is a learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between review of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect.

It is commonly applied in situations where a learner must acquire a large number of items and retain them indefinitely in memory.

What is a Space Repetition Program or system?

Space repetition programs are flashcard programs that are designed to aid learning of new information while retaining old information- through the use of intelligent review scheduling.

With space repetition programs, there would be no wasting of precious study time on information you already know, instead you focus more on new or previously studied information that you have yet to commit to long-term memory.

You are probably wondering: what are the best SRS out there?

There are many spaced repetition software or programs out there. But the most commonly used one is a program called Anki. It is the best choice and it is free. Here are some Spaced repetition programs you can use:

  • Anki
  • SupperMemo
  • Mnemosyne
  • Flashcards Deluxe

Why do we need Spaced Repetition Software?

Learning or understanding a whole lot of information at once is not an easy task. This is one of the reasons spaced repetition was created- to help acquire a large number of information and retain them in memory.

Here are some other reasons why we need spaced repetition softwares:

We forget new Information quickly: As humans, retaining new information is not so easy. In order to retain these information, there is need for quick reviewing which is what spaced repetition systems are made for.

Helps to solve the problem of forgetting: With spaced repetition, we can use strategic repetition schedules to hack our memory and help control what sticks and for how long.



How do Spaced repetition programs work?

In most cases, SRS applications depends on the self-ratings of difficulty to schedule reviews. They usually come with 3 or more levels of difficulty for the user to choose from.

The interval of minutes, hours or days would vary depending on the button selected and how many times you have reviewed the card.

How do you make the most of the SRS applications?

Making use of the spaced repetition software is not all there is to effective learning. To actually benefit from using this system, you have to use the following techniques:

  1. Use Interesting contents
  2. Use complete sentences
  3. Grade yourself honestly and fast
  4. Don’t be afraid of deleting cards


Despite the huge benefits of using the spaced repetition technique when learning, it is important to mix it with other learning strategies or techniques as there is no one way to learning or acquiring knowledge.

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