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Overview on Accelerated Learning

Overview on  Accelerated Learning


Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skill through experience, study or by being taught. It has to do with acquiring new or modifying and reinforcing existing, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences which may lead to a potential change in synthesizing information, depth of the knowledge, attitude or behavior relative to the type and range of experience.

Learning is a gradual process which has steps to follow. This process can sometimes be very slow depending on the person. But there are ways to accelerate your learning speed or pace.

So, how do you accelerate your learning pace?

To accelerate your learning pace, you have to use some proven techniques that can help improve your learning. These accelerated learning techniques are:

Ask Questions: Formulating questions about what you are trying to learn or what you are studying helps you become more focused on getting answers. As a matter of fact, asking questions helps to improve your intelligence on what you are learning. This is because you become more eager to answer the questions you have set thereby increasing your learning ability.

Teach Someone else: To really acquire knowledge, you should teach someone else what you have learned. This is because having someone you have to teach makes you pay more attention to the material. It also helps to remember what you have learned.

Describe aloud: Describing what you learn aloud helps to make conscious what you have learned and exposes the gaps in your knowledge that you can recover until it is part of you.

Draw a picture to describe what you learn: It has been proven that pictures last longer in the brain compared to words. You harness your right brain visual abilities by drawing pictures that help illuminate your notes and which stick in your mind.

Test the Knowledge: You should always test established knowledge by asking logical questions that help to test the authenticity of what you are studied. Critical thinking and examination of the knowledge will deepen your understanding and speed up your learning of the subject.

Visualize the end result: It is important to see yourself practicing the skill you are learning or using the information you are studying as an expert. It’s locked into your brain and fully and easily accessible to you.

And that it. With these techniques, your learning should be accelerated. Increasing your learning speed is not something you do overnight. It takes time and continuous practice to achieve the desired result. So, be consistent, work hard and you would see your learning ability drastically increased.

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