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Bombproof Coffee – An Alternative to Bulletproof Coffee

Bombproof Coffee – Bulletproof Coffee without the bombs

To make your Bulletproof coffee Bombproof: Substitute MCT Oil with MCT Powder

There are a few things worse than drinking coffee and having to go to the bathroom immediately. This occurs regularly if you drink bulletproof coffee. Sometimes, depending on how sensitive your digestive system is, the urge to go to the bathroom can happen in the middle of drinking your morning cup. The guy pictured above is praying that he can make it through what he is doing right now before having an accident (it’s frowned upon to drop bombs outside the bathroom when you are a “professional”).

Bulletproof coffee is a branded version of Butter Coffee with MCT Oil. Joe Rogan talks more about why Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee is mostly marketing (Joe Rogan Exposes Dave Asprey and Bulletproof Coffee for False Claims on Mycotoxins), but one thing is clear, MCT Oil + Coffee definitely helps give you an energy boast, and if you follow a Ketogenic diet or Intermittent Fasting, is a great tool to keep around.

Basically, you add Medium-chain triglycerides to your coffee with some unsalted butter. There are many debates on the type of butter, but personally, not adding butter to the coffee and just adding MCT powder works for me and my goals. Research indicates that consuming MCT will help improve blood lipids, increase energy and focus, help with weight loss, potentially reduce the risk of cancer and help with neuroprotection.

However, its assumed if you are reading this, it’s because you already know of the health benefits and the macro benefits of bulletproof coffee. However, one small substitute turns your bulletproof coffee into bombproof, in which you can drink your coffee safe and outside the comfort of your own home and without researching the shortest routes to the bathroom. Basically, you won’t have to worry about bombs after you drink it, hence the name Bombproof coffee.

Cut out the MCT Oil and Use MCT Powder:

By using MCT powder instead of MCT Oil you are providing a nice relief for your digestive system, while also making your coffee less oily. The MCT powder makes it seem like you’re putting creaming in your coffee, and is enjoyable to eat. The only downside is that the MCT powder is cut with starch (which is how it’s a powder), and adds about 1 gram of Carbs.

I’ve tried this after listening to Dr. Dominic D’Agostino talk about how he was able to increase blood ketones twice as high compared to MCT Oil based on the fact that he was able to consume more MCTs in the powder form without the GI issues from the oil. This led me to using MCT Powder instead of MCT Oil because I was tired of having the stomach distress. I also found that the Powder actually tasted better and gave it a frothy like cream taste. It’s also useful in a lot of other recipes. Basically: MCT Power tastes better, less harmful on the digestive tract, more versatile, and overall more enjoyable with minimum costs (only 1 gram of carbs). The costs/benefits are far outweighed.

Personally, I cut out the butter and oil and just use the powder and overall, I think it has been a much-needed improvement, as I am not running to the bathroom or having stomach pain and I still have the benefits of increased energy and focus, while staying in a ketosis state.

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